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Monday, February 15, 2010

You know that song

Those songs, the ones that get stuck in your head. You hear them on commercials or on a tv show, some times during sporting events. You start liking them & if your like me, you catch some lyrics and google them to see if you can find the song & the artist that performs it. After that you might then start trying to find the artist work & it introduces you to new music that otherwise you might have missed out on.

It is a great marketing tool now that you can't find a real music channel anywhere on tv. Even MTV has finally given up on the facade and is taking music television off their logo. A way to get your music out to a mass audience you might otherwise not have found. Even i never listen to music on the radio anymore, now that I own a mp3 player that holds more music than i could ever listen to. If my radio is on it's sports talk, or sports themselves.

Below is a small list of songs you might have heard a million times & still have no idea who sings it. If you don't, go over to amazon and see if you recognize any of them & maybe have 1 or 2 of them stuck in your head all day.

Breathe Me-Sia

Somewhere Only We Know-Keane

Always On Sunday-Tammany Hall

Running Up That Hill-Placebo

New Soul-Yael Naim

Shine On-The Kooks

List Of Demands-Saul Williams

Je Ne Te Connispas-Prototypes


Funeral-Broken Horses

Shelter-Ray Lamontagne

Mad World-Gary Jules

Electric Worry-Clutch

Ali In The Jungle-The Hours


hmsgofita said...

I love your blog title! Thanks for the follow and look forward for more from you!

Chip said...

Anything by Casting Crowns. I love all the Putumayo's CDs. My kids and I enjoy listening to music from around the world. BTW, congrats on your first giveaway!!!